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Easy + brilliant ideas for an eco-friendly wedding!

There are literally HUNDREDS of ways to make sure your wedding is gentle towards nature - we found some of our favourite ideas and will share them with you here!

Bridal party attire (wedding dress, groom's suit - etc)

  • Look for a second-hand gown

  • Upcycle a family heirloom gown

  • Rent wedding gown / suit

  • Buy a suit which is practical to wear for functions going forward


  • Choose in-season blooms, grown locally (not shipped in from overseas)

  • Ditch the floral foam

  • Use preserved "forever flowers" and gift them to guests at the end of the wedding (see below - local floral artist Secret Garden).

Catering & Cake

  • Look for locally sourced produce and food

  • Serve up seasonal foods. For instance, berries in summer, apples in winter

  • If you need to use disposable crockery, opt for something biodegradable like our palm leaf crockery

  • Use fabric napkins

Stationery & Paper Treats

  • Opt for digital invitations

  • Use recycled paper

  • Opt for biodegradable paper such as seed papers

  • Limit the stationery pieces to one and offer a website for more information

  • Ask guests to RSVP via a website or email

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